Works in Progress: Nocturne, Texas Road

Nocturne: Texas Road. 12" x 24". In Progress.

I'm working on 16 paintings in the studio right now and this is one I'm very excited about. It's to be a nocturne, of a highway in Texas (82, just outside of Clarksville.)

When I was a child we lived in Biloxi Mississippi and when I was 20 I spent the summer in Destin, Florida. These flat horizons, the heavy air and the deeply colored skies at dusk lie deep in my memories.


Deborah Paris said…
Well, well..I'm am looking forward to seeing this one develop! Is this from when you and Dottie went out cruising?
Lisa McShane said…
Hi Deborah - it is from the night Dottie took me driving around to see the light and the moon. I may start another one - a spot Dottie preferred closer to your house because the trees were crowding in on the road. I of course found them to be a little menacing, but that might make it more interesting.