New Easel from Dick Blick!

This is my new easel: the Best Santa Fe V ordered from Dick Blick. So far, so good.

It has big cups - I assume for solvent - but I don't keep open containers of solvent around so they work fine for holding my brushes. It also has a little ceramic palette that is much too small for mixing anything but it's a nice place to put my mixing knife.

On the left is my old easel. It served me well for many years but it's a little shaky, and the painting tray is held up with a nail. I drilled a series of holes on the mast and then slide the tray up or down, pushing the nail in to hold it.

I like having 2 easels in my studio now. After this photo was taken I set up 2 similar paintings side by side so that I could work on them at once.


Janelle Goodwin said…
Very cool easel. I would love to have one just like it! It also has casters on the bottom for moving around the room!
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Janelle! I'm getting used to it and liking it more each day. Today I used it as a support for small paintings while I photographed them. Prior to this my primitive system has been to balance them on 2 small nails on the wall. This is way better! And so I happily wheeled it into the right spot for the light.