Night falls even on canoes

Evening Canoe. 9 x 12. Oil on Linen Panel. SOLD

I varnished 5 paintings yesterday and you know what that means: I finished 5 paintings yesterday! Woot!

You know what else that means: I have room in my studio to start new paintings! Woot! Woot!

So, enough woots. Currently the paintings in progress are 22 x 30 or larger and in my tiny studio, they fall on me from their various precarious perches several times a day. No matter. I'm excited about the ones I'm working on.


Ann Chaikin said…
These latest lake paintings are wonderful. Keep them coming.
kat said…
Love the woots! Also, I enjoy the atmospheric balanced by the hard shape of the tree. The color is so blue, I want to go there.
Deborah Paris said…
Lovely. Is this the one you had in class? You've deepened the color.I like it. Woot!
loriann said…
I love you lake series, but this one is my favorite. Intense and beautiful!
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks everyone!

Deborah - yes, this is the one I started in Texas. I added a layer every day after I returned home until finally, it worked.