Dick Blick Donating an Easel! Help me figure out where!

Dick Blick rocks.
They've decided to donate a Dick Blick Master's H Frame Easel (click here to read about it) to an art school or Arts Organization in our area (NW Washington.) I just need your help in finding the right spot!

Here's the back story: A month or so ago I had a problem with an easel I'd purchased. The cable holding the painting tray suddenly came loose, crashed onto the base and broke the wood below. I spoke with Tracy in Customer Service and within days I received the replacement part from the manufacturer. However, I wasn't confident that I could secure the cable in a way to prevent this from happening again. (The photo is of the easel leaning against the wall of my studio.)

Dick Blick has been very helpful every step of the way. This Friday I called Tracy in Customer Service at Blick to let her know that I'd decided to get a different easel (Best Santa Fe V - so excited!) and she said that Dick Blick would like to donate this one to an art school or organization in our area. That's VERY generous!

Do you live in the Whatcom/Skagit County area of Washington State and have a suggestion? Please let me know in the comments below!

And yes, Dick Blick rocks!

P.S.: the lucky recipient will need to do the repairs!


I suggest "Youthnet" in Mt Vernon. Youthnet's programs include foster care, life skills and educational programs for foster youth and former foster youth, and Emerson High School - an alternative high school serving youth from local school districts. On average, six hundred children and their families benefit from Youthnet's services each year and they have an outstanding art program. www.youthnetnw.net for more information.