Field of Gold

Field of Gold. Oil on Linen Panel. 12 x 16.

Art is interesting. Sometimes you start something and believe it will be good from the first sketch to the last brush stroke. Then sometimes a painting takes you by surprise and in doing so, takes your breath away.

I've been working on this painting since early April. Well actually, I've been working to paint this simple, simple image since early 2009. This is probably the 5th painting of this same concept - none of the others survived.

So in early April I thought I'd try again. And from the very beginning it again wasn't working. The strokes weren't right, the simple composition was too plain, the colors muddy. So I took it with me to the workshop in Texas so I could talk it over with Deborah Paris. She suggested I lower the horizon. I did. She also suggested I not make horizontal strokes for the grass. She and I walked to the edge of the field to look at the grass and talk about how it looks in the distance. I still was uncertain. She painted a demo of wheat for me (it's in my studio!)

Then I painted, I painted, I painted. Every day.

Yesterday I decided it was finished and brought it into the house. This painting literally took my breath away. I love it.


Leslie Sealey said…
Hi Lisa,

Your painting looks great! It reminds me of Eastern Washington. I saw your comment on Don Gray's blog about having some paintings in Walla Walla. That's where my aunt and uncle live, and I will certainly check out your work the next time I go there!
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Leslie -
I really like your new series!