Works in Progress: Spring Comes to the Valley

Spring Comes to the Valley. 22" x 30". In progress.

Last week I took 2 paintings to Loomis Hall Gallery in Blaine for their May show. Barbara, who runs the gallery, had asked for paintings of spring and abundance. Looking around at my paintings I realized that I'm not really about spring and abundance. I thought my recent painting, Walla Walla Fields, spoke to me of abundant promises and spring. My husband thought that was hilarious since, as you can see here, it's bare fields.

I'm from eastern Washington: spring means bare fields. Yes, I do love stark landscapes.

This one (which again, is all about spring, don't you agree?) has the first glaze over the underpainting, and the first layer of sky. Go spring!


Anne-Marie said…
It will be all about spring when there's some color on it. It looks promising! =)
Deborah Paris said…
I had to do like stark, McLisa.
Dan McShane said…
Given that it is nearly noon and just crawled above 50 on May 21, Is it any wonder that it would take you a while to build up a spring painting inventory? This painting looks promising, sort of like spring.
Deborah Paris said…
I guess that's why our tomatoes are so far ahead of yours...:)