Crashes Fixed! And now I'm a Mac. Although kudos to Microsoft for the great PC ads.

Friday was a big day: not only did Dick Blick and I figure out a great resolution to my easel issue, but I decided to buy an iMac.

After 2 months of threats and unhappiness, on Thursday my Dell XP laptop decided to magically turn itself into a doorstop. It stopped working and the screen turned itself blue. As if it was holding it's breath.

This was a 2 year old laptop. Boo.

So I bought an iMac and so far, love it. I'm not quite up and running with software so my photos might be a little off but this week, while I get the hang of all this newness, I'll be posting works in progress. Of which there are many.

And if you have suggestions for small biz software and home finance software, send them my way!


Macs are a lot more friendly than has been advertised. I don't have microsoft word, etc., but if you click crtl and click, you get options which with to open most anything. I think you'll really enjoy using a mac. I wouldn't use anything else. Mac is the computer for artists.
Sonya Johnson said…
About 3 weeks ago, I replaced my aging, aggravating PC with an iMac as well. LOVE IT. No going back to a Windows machine....ever!

Apple makes its own accounting software (don't have it yet, but will be purchasing it) that is designed for small business people, and seems to be geared towards the known Apple customer base (those in the arts industry) . I am assuming it is their version of Quickbooks, which is what I had been using. I saw it at Staples last week, if that helps. And, like the rest of their software, it was priced affordably.
Sharon Kingston said…
What's with artists and computer crashes. My 9 year old powerbook (I know, ancient) crashed last Tuesday. I did not have everything backed up (I know, naughty). It is a bit of a nightmare. I'm now using a PC in the interim--with limited access to my hubby's imac for website updates until I decide what to do next.
Lisa McShane said…
I love this new iMac more than I should. But no surprise, since I'm crazy about my iPhone.

Sonya - I'd love the name of that software. I've looked at a lot online and well, I'm a little confused.

Sharon - yep. A nightmare. My backup is on which sounds good, and it would be if I wasn't switching from a PC to a MAC. Then, not so good.
Sonya Johnson said…
Hi Lisa,

Re the accounting software....I *thought* it was an Apple product because of the name, but it's not! I couldn't find it on the Staples website, but did find it after an internet search. It's "iBiz 4:

At $40 plus a 30-day money back guarantee, it's certainly worth trying!