Walla Walla is lovely & I'm in the Whatcom Artists' Studio Tour!

Road, 3 Trees in the Palouse. Oil on Canvas. 30" x 40".

This is one of my top fav paintings that I'm hanging in Walla Walla at Syzygy Wines today. I love this painting! It's been hanging in my office for the past year and looking at it just makes me happy.

Why? Well, it's got a road, so there's that. If you've seen my work, you know there's something about roads... And not just any road but a black, smooth and perfect road. (Mars Black.) I love the composition with a sliver of blue at the top, the simple forms and abstracted fields. The three trees at the highway intersection with all the wonderful symbolism that they bring to mind. The colors. These are the things that I enjoy about this painting. And yes, it's for sale :). Syzygy Wines - it will be there from May through July. Stop by!
And - bonus - I just got word that the jury accepted my application to the Whatcom Artists Studio Tour. This is the first two weekends of October. I'm excited to participate. I look forward to welcoming folks to my studio! More on this later.


Yellow said…
Congratulations on the open studio place. And good luck with the exhibition. This painting is growing on me, I'm drawn to different things each time I look at it.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Yellow - last year I painted an extensive series of road paintings in this wonderful Palouse landscape. I'm about to start several more. There's still something about them for me that conveys the landscape I love.