Horse Heaven Hills 1 Study

Horse Heaven Hills 1 Study. Oil on Linen Panel. 6" x 8".

This past couple of weeks I've worked on a number of studies of eastern Washington landscapes. I'm preparing for a large and interesting series of paintings over there and thinking through how to merge the quality of the landscape and light with indirect painting. Many of the yellow paints I like best are opaque and thus, not suitable for glazing.

This was painted with an underpainting of Vasari Shale and Gamblin Transparent Earth Yellow. Over that I layered Vasari Naples Yellow (I have a really big, to-die-for tube of the stuff) and Transparent Earth Yellow mixed with a translucent Holbein gray. Some layers were toned down with the Shale to add a dusty quality. After all, what we remember as 'yellow' is often a brown. Oh, and I used a bit of that gritty Williamsburg Brown Ochre in this too.

The sky is a mix of Williamsburg T-Z White, Gamblin Indanthrone Blue, Gamblin Manganese Blue Hue (sadly the real stuff is too toxic), the Naples Yellow and Holbein Cad Yellow Lt. Over that I glazed w/ a bit of Hansa Yellow light, to blur the edges.

Yes, the edges are blurred: my camera refused to focus, try as I might and I had to switch to manual.


Casey Klahn said…
I always look forward to your Eastern WA paintings.
I love this! Eastern Washington holds a special place in my heart -- it's where my kids went to college. I loved traveling to The Palouse for Dads' and Moms' weekends.
Lisa McShane said…
Thank you Casey! I'm really excited about this new series. I've enjoyed painting fog and rain this winter but my heart is to the east.

Katherine - thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't that drive the best? My husband and I found our way to Unionville a couple of summers ago and thought we were in heaven.