Deborah Paris' Brushes

Deborah Paris is known for her soft, luminous surfaces. You can see her beautiful work here on her website. Her brushes are fascinating.

The one on the left is a newer one, a Winsor Newton One Stroke Sable (Dick Blick) and she uses this for glazing. The crazy looking one on the right was once as lovely and new as the one on the left. Sad little sable hairs are sticking out in every direction like a seriously bad perm. Once it's worn down like a stiff little mop, she uses it for underpaintings.


loriann said…
Interesting photo. I can't wait to hear more about your workshop with Deborah and see your new work.
Sara said…
Hi Lisa!
I can't wait until I have badly permed brushes!!!
The workshop is over and we are all on our way home - south, southeast, north, and northwest. My head is swimming with lots of information and new thoughts about painting, and my tummy is overloaded from too much great Texas hospitality! It was wonderful to meet you; I am excited to see your work and will look forward to new posts!