Show Announcement: Syzygy Winery, May through July

Quick announcement as I'm off to Walla Walla with paintings. I'll have paintings on display at Syzygy Wines in Walla Walla from May through July!

I'm very excited for several reasons:

1. I love to hang (and sell!) my paintings.

2. Walla Walla is one of my favorite towns anywhere.

3. I really like good red wine. Syzygy makes really good red wine.

When I first saw the tweet last week about Syzygy looking for northwest art I thought perfect! I'd LOVE a show in Walla Walla in the fall! :) As it turns out, they were looking for art for the Spring opening and more. But this is one of those lucky times when preparation meets opportunity: I have just the right amount of work, ready to hang, that I feel really good about showing. Several of them are my absolute favorites that I've not shown before.

It's perfect!