Summer Trees

Kittitas Tree. Oil on Linen Panel. 8" x 6".

I had decided in January that for me, this is the 'Year of the Tree'. I'm spending time sketching and painting trees.

This was painted with blue, yellow and that lovely shale color. No green. For me, a palette for trees that excludes green better captures what I see when I look at the tree. Without all that crazy over the top greenness that can plague a painting. Well, bad greens have plagued my paintings. Those are the ones I don't share with you.


Yellow said…
I think I have a tube of bad green in my studio, too. Green isn't a colour I think about a lot, but I saw a mother and child walking the other day. The mother wore a crisp apple green coat with a lot of yellow in it, and the child had a muted mushy pea green coat. Next to each other they were awful, though nice colours in their own right. Now that spring has well and truly sprung in England I think I'll look out for good and bad greens. Thanks xxx
Lisa McShane said…
The coats are funny... I was just walking around a lake today, disappointed that all those leaves are out :) So green. Very, very green.