Rattlesnake Badlands in Progress

Rattlesnake Badlands - in progress. Oil on Canvas. 22" x 36".

I started 7 paintings yesterday! Yes, 7. I was inspired by my trip to Walla Walla last week and all are of eastern Washington. Of particular interest to me, and from all angles, is Rattlesnake Mountain along the Yakima River, south of the Columbia. This one depicts badlands and interesting geologic features in the foreground. In some areas, the foothills are lined with vineyards.

On the Columbia side Rattlesnake Mountain is very dry and last weekend had patches of purple phlox. And by patches, I mean a sea of purple phlox. We drove home via the Hanford Reservation and stopped for Dan to look at phlox and for me to sketch the mountain. More later on all that.

Yesterday was a busy day: I also stretched 3 large paintings and then sized them: 2 linen, one cotton canvas. I'll be putting an oil ground (Gamblin's) on them the next few days. I'll be gone for a week and a half and it will be nice to have them drying and off-gassing while I'm gone.


Love that area.. so inspiring! I look forward to your new work.