Canoe in the Alders: Underpainting

Canoe in the Alders: Underpainting, part 2

This is the third in my series of canoes at Lake Padden. Lately everytime I'm there so are the canoes. My husband tells me it's all the same guy, named Wallace or something but that's just silly.

These canoes do move fast and I love the wake they leave behind. This painting is 16" x 12" and is a linen panel (350DP from Wind River Arts - their heaviest thread with an alkyd priming. I like it so far.) The paint is Vasari Shale and what you see here is the second, more detailed underpainting. The first one was a light turp wash to roughly establish the layout on the panel. Next I'll let this dry and then begin adding the transparent color over the underpainting, probably adding in a little more detail with shale after I see a couple layers of color.

Right now I'm excited about the old tree on the left: it will have a chartreuse moss on the right side. Cool!