Update on the Neighbors

A few months back I mentioned that a pair of chickadees had taken up residence in the bird house just outside my studio. Well great news! There's a whole pile of little chickadees inside and my entire family has been entertained by the comings and goings of the parents.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I left our 17 year old son in charge of the house and the dog. He told me later that he had to keep an eye on the bird house because the crows kept coming around. He chased them away.

That's completely sweet and yes, if he read my blog I couldn't mention this.

After seeing the adult chickadees fly in to the bird house with a caterpillar every 15 seconds or so, we've decided that our 4,000 square foot yard could use another 10 or so bird houses. I'm impressed with how much they eat. A house for every branch!

The lovely tree? A paper bark maple. And in the background are various grasses, Rosa 'Mateo's Silk Butterflies' (that's the single pink flowers, lower left), a Disanthus and the yellow Graham Stuart Thomas rose. You can see the Casa Blanca lilies getting ready for July on the right.