Spring Comes to the Valley

Spring Comes to the Valley. 22x30. Oil on Canvas.

I send out an email once a week to a number of people, with my favorite painting of the week and just a bit of information about what's going on in my studio. Last week I sent out this painting and a friend replied to tell me how much he enjoyed my painting emails but saying it's time for spring and summer.

Hilarious! And so true! With indirect painting, I'm always 2 months behind the seasons.

I told him that come November in Seattle, I'll be sending out paintings from August and September. At that point I'll be like the grasshopper in the fable, storing up the sunshine for the long, cold, dark winter ahead.


Casey Klahn said…
I have to say that you have put a lot of truth in this painting - one of my favorites.
Lisa McShane said…
Deborah - exactly! Maybe I should take up painting in Argentina, then I'd be ahead of the seasons.

Casey - thanks. This landscape is such a deep pleasure for me to paint.