Columbia Gorge Fog

Road Into the Fog in the Horse Heavens. 22 x 30. Oil on Linen.

Such a simple image, so hard to capture. This is the fog from the Columbia gorge rolling over the top of the Horse Heaven Hills near the Yakima River. The Horse Heavens are a ridge that separates the Columbia from the Yakima and now are one of the prime wine growing areas in the world (red wines, peppery.)


kat said…
It was an interesting choice for your perspective. I would love to hear your thought process. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not just mumbling in the dark over here.
loriann said…
Horse heaven. Love the feel of the place in your painting and the interesting perspective.
Lisa McShane said…
Hi Kat and Loriann -
It is an unusual perspective. It's actually close to how it looked - a road slipping into fog on the side of a hill. The atmospheric conditions in that area are often just odd. And of course the oddness is what I like best!