Showing Up; Playing it Through

Have you seen Marina Abramovic's performance online at the Museum of Modern Art? I caught the last day, yesterday, and looked through the photographs of the people who sat opposite her.

You can see them by clicking here.

There are those we've read about, who dressed up and created their own performance. But the ones most interesting to me are the ones who simply sat there and experienced it. In the photographs many have tears streaming down their cheeks. Those are the ones that move me and make me think. Their portraits are open and every person looks exposed and beautiful. I challenge you to look through the images and not be moved by the experience.

The duration of her performance is also worth considering. There were decades of work behind this, probably more than a year of planning and proposals went into it, and then she sat in a chair for 700 hours.

So much of life involves simply showing up and getting the work done, day after day.