Canoe 1 Finished

Canoe 1. Oil on Linen Panel. 9 x 12.

This was the first canoe painting I started, months ago. And here's the great thing about posting works on progress: I can look back in amazement at how long a painting can take to complete! Here's the first blog post about Canoe 1 from March. Yes, March! This small painting took 2 1/2 months to paint. Except for my trip to Texas, I worked on this every day.

Canoe 1 was a study for a larger version, Canoe 2. You can see the finished version here. I love both. Both are crazy hard to photograph as they are deeply glazed.


kitkatbear said…
Really wonderful work Lisa-I have to tell you that Canoe 2 was a favorite at first-however there was something about Canoe 1 that made me keep going back and looking at it:) I still have much to see on your site:) So glad I found it:)-Patti