Wallula Gap

Rainbow over Dry Falls
Wallula Vineyards above the Columbia River

Wallula Gap

Just back from a great 4 day road trip: across the North Cascades Highway, through a high desert along the Columbia River, across the Waterville Plateau, drove towards a rainbow that appeared to end at the massive Dry Falls, through wheat fields, above and around Wallula Gap, then along the Columbia Gorge to Longview Washington. One of the highlights was a driving tour of the Wallula Vineyards perched on benches above one of the most scenic spots on the Columbia River.

Next up: laying out a series of paintings based on the trip. As previously discussed, and as you can see above, the scale of the landscape is large.


Sonya Johnson said…
Wonderful photos - love the resemblance of western WA to areas of the Colorado Plateau, particularly the presence of canyons and wide, open space. The vineyard against that arid landscape is a fascinating juxtaposition.

Very inspirational for a series of paintings!