Winter Highway, Chuckanuts

Winter Highway, Chuckanuts. Oil on Linen. 18" x 24".

This is the interstate just south of Bellingham as it cuts through the Chuckanut range. The Chuckanuts are the only place along the coast where the Cascade mountains reach down to touch the sea. This small range cuts off Whatcom County from Washington state to the south. To the east we have the North Cascades, to the west, the Pacific Ocean and on our border to the north is British Columbia.

We're a little isolated. And that's part of what makes this a special place to live. I've always loved this drive through the mountains because it's lovely, remote, nearly always shrouded in fog and a clear demarcation that I'm almost home.


Dan McShane said…
View straight ahead is the upper part of Silver Creek. Just where I was hiking yesterday with Sam
loriann said…
Love this road!
I will be coming to Washington to paint this summer.Let's meet sometime, K?
Lisa McShane said…
Yes, let's do meet! I'm in the NW corner of the state. When will you be here and where will you be?