Samish Scrim

This is the start of a painting that I'm super excited about: Lake Samish seen through a scrim of alder trees.

Last summer in Philadelphia I saw a painting by Peter Doig that floored me. It was a wonderful large painting about a Canadian artist called "Figure in a Mountain Landscape." Brilliant. It was painted from a 1930's photo of the artist Franklin Carmichael. So as soon as I had computer access I looked him up. More wonderful paintings. My painting of Lake Samish is inspired by such Doig paintings as Concrete Cabin and Ravine.

Click here for a fun blog post with images of Doig's paintings and information about his process.

I hope to see more in person in the future because the textures Doig uses are exciting. I also love his compositions. He uses photographs and memory, abstracted somewhat, to create a sense of the past.


Anne-Marie said…
Oooooh, I love this one. The perspective is great - very unique.