My new Rosemary & Co brushes

My new Rosemary & Co brushes!

Last month I read a post on Matthew Innis' Underpaintings blog about Rosemary & Co's mongoose brushes. Saturday my order of brushes arrived and I've been painting with them the past few days.

They are lovely. They have shed 1 hair. Collectively.

Rosemary & Co brushes are handmade in England. Sounds expensive, I know. Thing is, they're not. Go to their website, order the free catalog, and check out the prices. Remember that 17.5% VAT will be deducted as VAT is not charged on items shipped to the US. Shipping is just 5 pounds which today is about $7.50.

I ordered 7 brushes. With shipping the total was around $87. I ordered a 1" sable/nylon brush for glazing and tried it today. Perfect. No splaying, it held an even and soft stroke. Yesterday I used the Ebony Filbert, size 4 and it was wonderful, soft, yet held the paint. The Ebony Flat size 8 is great for glazing smaller areas.

The prize may be the mongoose. I now have the size 8 filbert and the size 6 round. I'd tried the Raphael Kevrin mongoose last month and do like it, but the Rosemary & Co are even better. Handmade, lose no bristles, great prices.

I ordered the Shiraz, long flat, size 7. I used it for a background to stroke in thick white paint on a small still life and it worked just fine. It's a nylon brush for heavy bodied paint. I tried it for glazing and it splayed, so that might not be the right use for this brush.

I'll be ordering more.


loriann said…
Thanks for sharing your brush adventures...just one hair!
James Lourie said…
Brushes. This would be a great topic at one of our meetings.
Symi Jackson said…
Thank you for the great review, Lisa.

I hope you stick with us and bear in mind we are a small family business so we really do take feedback like this seriously.

Please get in touch if you have any questions,
Rosemary & Co