Background on Trees

These are the sketches, 2 stages of underpaintings and final image for Trees, posted yesterday. I really like seeing the steps and stages of a painting when other artists share their photos so I've decided to take more of those shots and share them too.

You can see that the layers of glazing that went on after the underpainting really softened the edges of everything. You can also see that nothing changed substantially after those first decisions were made. That's the nature of indirect painting: you carry it all through to the end.

What that means is that I think through the composition and detail more carefully at the beginning than I would with direct painting. While the subsequent layers of color in the glazes can surprise me towards the end when the painting starts to really 'glow', there cannot be big changes in layout. As a result, I do a great deal more sketching before I begin: no more diving in, loaded paintbrush in hand. Lots and lots of sketches and editing.


Maria Brophy said…
I enjoyed seeing your stages of a painting! Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Maria, I'm glad you like my paintings!