House in the Fog & more on my never-ending experiment on surfaces

House in the Fog. Oil on Linen. 20" x 16".

So! Yesterday I asked whether or not I should craft better titles for my paintings and decided to title this one, House in the Fog, rather than Alger Fog 2. (Why yes, there's an Alger Fog 1, see it here.)

Yes, titles!

This is a painting I began in January but struggled with it a bit. So I hung it on the studio wall and started the smaller Alger Fog 1. This is clearly an image I wanted to tackle and work through. I'm happy with Alger Fog 1 and it sold quickly at the '4 Women, 4 Seasons' show at the Blue Horse Gallery. My struggle with this one was with the surface. I was using one of Utrecht's acrylic primed stretched linens and it has a couple of issues: it has some bristles stuck in the primer and it is very, very, very absorbent. I was so annoyed with it that I wrote about it here.

But you know, once there's a certain number of layers of glaze and scumbling, that all falls by the wayside. Now that it's finished, the surface is simply lovely with just a bit of the irregular linen texture coming through. In the end, I'm happy with the surface.


garybennett said…
Your landscapes are very beautiful and serene. We met at the meeting set up by Jim Lourie last Thursday.
Caroline said…
Beautiful painting, the fog is mysterious and the colours are really natural looking.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Gary! I'm glad you see them as serene.

Caroline - thanks so much! I really enjoy painting fog.