What do you think: should I have better titles?

Samish Dawn 3. Oil on Canvas. 18" x 28".

Isn't this lovely? It makes me happy to look at this one. Early dawn spreading over Lake Samish. Full of hope and promise.

I sent this one out in my weekly email last Thursday and a dear friend pointed out that with Samish Dawn 1, 2 and now 3, perhaps I could come up with more creative titles!

Point taken! I'd love to hear from you: what are your thoughts on titles? Do titles help engage the viewer or do they intrude into your interpretation?


For me it's a mixed bag. Sometimes the work is all that matters and, sometimes, the piece has been inspired by an idea for a title. In my world, It doesn't seem to fit a pattern. I say, whatever works for you. After all, it's your work. ...and fine work, it is!
Casey Klahn said…
I always seem to get a strong sense of place from your titles. But, if you think they need improvement, there must be room for that, too. Enjoying these oils, Lisa.