On being a ditch digger: time and discipline

Last year I read an artist* who said he approached his studio time as if he was a ditch digger: rain or shine, well or ill, he went to work. A ditch digger doesn't have the luxury of staying home with a sore throat. If you're tired, you go to work. That idea rings in my head each day and is part of why I get myself to my studio regardless of everything else.

Art, like much of life, is about showing up, doing something and following through. By painting every day I train my hand, my eye, my brain to get better and better. I try things. I push at the limits of my skills every single day.

My greatest fear in returning to painting full-time was discipline. I was afraid that if I was left to my own devices I'd read novels all day. Nope. Turns out I transferred my passion for environmental and political work to this work. I'm in my studio by 7:30 or 8 every day. I paint all day.

*I wish I could remember where I read this - if you know, please let me know.


loriann said…
Brava, Lisa from fellow ditch digger. I have always believed one can't wait for inspiration. Habit makes passion and passion makes habit. Congrats for making the discipline an integral part of your life. It shows in your work.