Lake Padden at Dawn (but not super early dawn)

Work in Progress: Lake Padden Dawn

This is Lake Padden on a still winter day, early in the morning. On my way home from Lake Samish I like to swing by Lake Padden just to see how the reflections are and always hoping for interesting fog patterns to study. Even this early there are runners and people with dogs. Go hardy people! (Brrrr.)

In addition to thinking constantly about the sky (what color is it now? And how about now?) I also think about water reflections. The morning I'm working on here, the reflections in the water were not as dark as the trees and low hills I saw. I think that's because with the light rising behind the hills, my eyes simply didn't read the value differences in the hills the way I was able to see the variation in the reflection. Not sure.

This painting has just started. This is just the first layer of color over an underpainting of shale and dark orange.