In the studio!

This is me in the studio, working on the larger of my canoe paintings. I've got about 7 layers or so on this painting and it's crazy fun to work on! There will be many, many more layers of glaze before this baby is done.

I'm applying for the Whatcom Open Studio Tour that happens in October and they recommended a shot of you at work in the studio. This is mine. As you can see, the natural light in my studio is lovely. To the left are my drying shelves for the small panel paintings. Larger canvases hang on the walls behind the camera. If you look close you can see the remote to my Nikon's shutter release on my easel tray.


loriann said…
May we see the painting on the easel? My curiosity has been peaked.
Lisa McShane said…
This is Canoe 2 and it might still be in progress for a couple of weeks. However, you can see this post of it's early stage:

This is a linen I'd stretched and then put an oil prime on. The surface is lovely but it's taking a LOT of glazing. I'm really enjoying this painting!
Yellow said…
I love peeking into people studios, seeing where they work, cups of coffee, photos on shelves and jars of brushes, etc.