Works in Progress 7, Anacortes Gap 1 & 2

These are two paintings I've been working on for 4 weeks. They began the same week in early January as underpaintings for my Luminous Landscape class with Deborah Paris (great class BTW!) The top one is 14" x 11 and is on canvas. The first underpainting was way too dark. So I sanded it down. The bottom on is 12" x 9" and is on Wind River Art's lead primed portrait linen. The underpainting was quite light. I've continued to glaze these each day and now they're nearly identical!

Of late the glazing has focused on the right side, on conveying the quality of light filtered through the cedar boughs.

One of these will be in the upcoming show: 4 Women, 4 Seasons, at the Blue Horse Gallery. I don't know which one yet. Although neither one is finished yet, I'd love your thoughts on which one is more succesful!


loriann said…
I love these Lisa! Wonderful use of lost and found edges and quiet, soft colors. brava!
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks so much loriann! I'm really pleased with both of these - they conveyed the sense of mystery that I was looking for.