1 month down, 11 to go!

Skagit Fields. Oil on Linen Panel. 6" x 8".

Yay! Ruthie V and I made it past our first month of daily paintings. I say past because I forgot to mark the red letter day when we achieved this major milestone, just as I almost forgot to start the project. It was only when I received Ruthie's email with her first Daily Painting on January 1st that I scrambled, grabbed a slice of pie, and painted it. But yes, today is February 4th so yay! We both have had some hiccups/angst/exhaustion along the way as a Daily Painting Challenge is, well, challenging, but it's a good discipline.

Two evenings ago I was walking home from the library with my husband and he said 'Well you made it, your month of Daily Paintings is over, that's great!" I said, "yes....but it's a year-long challenge. There are 11 more months." He was shocked. "But I don't want 365 small paintings in our house". LOL -clearly I need to get busy with finding homes for my Daily Paintings.

I'll be posting them on ebay more often, with a very low - 99cent! - reserve. What a deal!
In fact, bid on this one! Right here. Original art makes a great gift for Valentine's Day and my husband will be very grateful.