Road Trip! Loomis Hall and Fountain

Fountain Cinnamon Roll. Oil on Gessobord. 5" x 5".

Yesterday I took a road trip with 3 very fun friends. First stop: Loomis Hall. This is a newly recreated building in Blaine, Washington and it's fantastic. It's an old 3 or 4 story building that's been totally refurbished, all creative, all green, all wonderful. The third floor has art studios, the most remarkable dance studio and an incredible kitchen/living room space. The entire building is an art gallery currently showing a great sculpture exhibit featuring, among many treasures, a bronze boat by Ann Morris. I meant to take photos and notes but forgot, so I'll go back up there this month before the show is over and report back.

So back to the road trip. On our return to Bellingham we stopped by The Fountain, a new bistro in Bellingham's Fountain District. This was recently a KFC and is now a French Bistro. Yes! It works! I had quiche and salad and we all had wine. I bought a cinnamon roll to take home and paint. I did, here it is, my son said it was delicious (he ate it after I painted it.)

I'm tossing this one up on eBay with a 99cent reserve. Yes, 99 cents! Check it out and bid here.

Next up: cinnamon brioche. Yum, I mean lovely.