Welcome crazy early spring; here's my first daffodil

First Daffodil. Oil on Canvas. 5" x 7"

As the local news told us yesterday, this is the warmest January in recorded history in western Washington.

As of this weekend, here's what's in bloom in my garden: the earliest daffodils (a variety called Rijnveld's Early Sensation), the glorious white hellebores and all the lovely pink hellebores, the yellow forsythia shrub that normally blooms in March and Cardamine trifolia, also a March bloomer.

Of course Sarcoccoa has been blooming since the new year but it always blooms right after the winter solstice. The neighbor's flowering plum is blooming. Hummingbirds stayed here all winter and Saturday a bee tried to get into my studio.

Naturally, you'll see a progression of these blooms from me over the next few weeks. I'm fascinated by the confusion of my plants.