Nocturne in progress

This is the second glaze of Lake Samish, early morning. I have a lot of history with Lake Samish and think about some of that when I paint it. For 5 years I directed a Girl Scout Day Camp at Lake Samish. That was crazy fun and probably the most challenging and rewarding job I've ever had. I loved every moment of that. And by job, I mean I was a volunteer. Every Thursday night at Day Camp the oldest girls would stay the night in tents. When everything was sort of quiet, I'd walk around the camp to make sure all was well and look at the lights across the lake.

Then 9 years ago, when my husband was on the County Council, there were plans in the works to develop the hillside on the west side of Lake Samish with two or three houses per acre. He led the way to change the zoning so that it would always remain forested. I'm very proud of the work he did to right the past wrongs of intensive zoning in our most sensitive rural areas.