Lake Padden Mini-Series Part 2!

Padden Reflections 2. Oil on Linen Panel. 8" x 6".

This is the second in my 3 part series of Lake Padden, exploring the same image but with different temperatures in the underpaintings. Part 1 was Indathrone Blue underpainting, this one is both Transparent Yellow Earth and Transparent Orange Earth. I found the blue underpainting hard to adjust to as I've always used warm tones beneath my paintings.

But I was inspired by one of my new landscape books, Mitchell Albala's Landscape Painting, to try a blue undertone. It is winter in the far north.

I also favor a wide horizontal in my paintings and enjoyed the vertical of this. It enabled the tree to shine a little better.


Dan McShane said…
That turned out great. Look forward to seeing it live!