Works in Progress Part 6

3 more paintings in progress, all from my ongoing class I'm taking from Deborah Paris on Tonalism. The top one is my first pass at color on the underpainting. It's of fog near Alger and the hill we see is Blanchard Mountain. I'm working to combine fog effects with the limited palette and approach I'm learning in my tonalism class. I've never looked so closely at fog before but love the abstracted patterns it makes on the hill.

The second is the painting March Point, nearing completion. I've posted this to my blog before here. Yesterday I painted the sky again and continued to darken the foreground. My next step is to add the lights and steam of March Point.

The bottom is also nearing completion and that's Similkameen Valley. This was also on my blog here and here where you can see the sketches and underpainting. Yesterday I repainted the sky and today softened the edges, especially at the horizon. I'll add a blue glaze to the hill on the right and then it may be finished!