It's Eighties Day!

I begain painting full-time (again) November, 2008. Since then many people who've known me for years asked me this question: "how long have you been painting?!?"

The answer is all my life. I took painting lessons starting at age 12 from a German artist in Ramstein, Germany. I'd sit in his wonderfully large studio and paint. I painted in high school in Kennewick Washington and still regret selling my masterpiece called "The Bump", of a High School dance w/ kids bump dancing, years later at a garage sale in Palm Desert. Really, I move it 10 times then sell it for 5 bucks? How fun would it be to have that gem!

The two above were painted in the late 1980's. The top one is 48" x 60" and was painted from a small sketch I did while traveling in Mexico. I love that painting and sold it to a man named Jim Dorman, who I've since lost track of. That, by the way, is still my preferred method of painting: I sketch, then I paint from the sketch.

The bottom one is the view from my garage in Santa Rosa. Yes, the big white car was ours (a Mercury Montclair!), as was the volkswagen rabbit. We have many great stories starring those two cars. My Toyota Camry generates no adventure stories!

Last year I had my old slide portfolio digitized. I'll post them for fun over the next few weeks.