I love bosc pears

Bosc Pears 4. Oil on Linen Board. 5" x 7".

And still, I love bosc pears. Subtle lumps and color gradation. Interesting to look at closely and paint, separating out the various golden tones.

My brother-in-law manages orchards of both cherries and pears. They're a reliable source of the most beautiful fruits Yakima and Goldendale have to offer. I started painting cherries last July when my sister arrived for my birthday party (and yes, it was a very significant birthday) with a box of bing cherries from their orchard. I fell madly in love with painting cherries.

But back to bosc pears. I've struggled to paint boscs because the colors are subtle and the background colors matter more than with some still lives. Some have turned out well, one was thrown away. I think this combination works. It's pure Morandi, of course.

Speaking of Morandi, next up: pitchers.


Ellen said…
I love what you are doing! And we will have to get you some pears to work on :)
PS- the cherry painting you did of the cherries I brought is absolutely AMAZING!!