March Point at dusk

March Point at Dusk. Oil on Linen Panel. 9" x 12".

This is a view of March Point at dusk, looking across the frozen fields of Skagit County. For those of you from northwest Washington, this is a classic view. I've always found it to be beautiful.

I painted this while taking my class on Tonalism and it was created with many, many layers of thin glazes.

This is indirect painting with transparent glazes and I find it to much more challenging than direct painting with it's quicker, more vigorous (luscious! buttery!) opaque paint. These are layers of thin paint, barely tinted, that sit on the surface and after many layers, build up to a dark, simple yet deep paint. The smoke, lights and sky are scumbled with semi-opaque paint in order to give it the contrast I wanted.

You can see the earlier versions of this painting here and here.


Casey Klahn said…
I am really enjoying the progress on these tonalist works. This is a moving image, Lisa.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Casey - the class has been fantastic. Challenging and I've learned a lot. So much that I signed up for Deborah's on-site workshop in April!

Friends are surprised that I'm traveling to Clarksville Texas but hey, I enjoy visiting Waterville Washington.