Vuillard in the Nursery and at the National Gallery of Art

Edouard Vuillard. Child Wearing a Red Scarf. 1891.

Before my son was born I hung a copy of this painting in a frame from Target in his room where I could see it. When we spotted the original the other day at the National Gallery of Art in the Small French Paintings exhibit, I made a beeline for it. I was surprised during this trip by the number of paintings I saw that had hung in our home for a time. Well, copies of them I mean. They've long since been replaced by original art but still, great memories.

We went to the National Gallery of Art twice on this trip simply because we could. Free museum, free time, it was all good.

And bonus! We found good lunch places nearby. The museum cafe is a disappointment - picture your high school cafeteria but at a price of $15 per person. Fortunately a short walk away is a Potbelly sandwich shop for super cheap eats. We had salads while sitting in the sun on Monday. Or, even better, just around the corner from that is the shortest flight you'll ever take to Oaxaca Mexico. It's Oyamel restaurant at 401 7th Street NW. I woke up this morning thinking about their sour, salty chicken soup with avocado. Yum.