Philadelphia Museum of Art & Cezanne

Cezanne - the Large Bathers

The Philadelphia Museum of Art had several breathtaking Van Gogh paintings and a truly large and wonderful Chagall but I think this painting of bathers by Cezanne was my favorite.

That's my daughter admiring the painting up close.

They also have a remarkable collection of Thomas Eakins - a native son - but oddly, I took no pictures of his incredible paintings. But we enjoyed them.

I like that this museum has a great website and you can see the collection online: The bookstore had everything 25% off while we were there so I bought 3 books: Cezanne & Pissarro, published by the Museum of Modern Art, Matisse, published by Taschen, Morandi, published by Prestel. My daughter was tempted by a Babar book called Babar's Museum of Art. Famous paintings have the head replaced by Babar's head. The Scream by Munch was hilarious.