The Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Chaim Soutine, Return from School After the Storm, circa 1939

This is a private museum, housed in a series of town houses in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC. This museum is a must - we loved it. It's an extraordinary collection of modern art, especially American modern art. Each painting is well signed with interesting information. I learned a lot.

Jacob Lawrence is an African American artist who painted a series of 60 paintings in the 1940's, 'The Migration.' Half are here, half are at the Museum of Modern Art. Fantastic!

Renoir's famous and fantastic Luncheon of the Boating Party is here. I had a print of this on my wall when I was a teenager.

There's a small room with 4 Rothko paintings. As they explained, he intended his paintings to be experienced up close, in smaller rooms. It felt like a chapel.