Goodbye Road to Asotin

Columbia County Hayfield. Oil on Canvas. 11 x 14.

I believe I've finished my series, Road to Asotin. Not sure. But I think so. Columbia County Hayfield is in that series, middle of the series. The last one in the series was Big Hills, Palouse.

You can see the entire series on my Art Website. Or, the entire series that made it out of my studio. There were several more that found themselves in the 'not good enough' stack in the hallway. I don't abandon paintings quickly. I've found that some simply take a lot more time and layers of paint than others. But the bad stack, well, they're just bad.

I'm working on 7 paintings right now: 3 are in the series, Plateau in Winter, 3 are small paintings from my garden, 1 is a large painting of the Similkameen Valley. By Saturday afternoon all were wet and I had to stop painting.