Road through the Hills

Road through the Hills. Oil on Canvas. 16 x 20.

I finished this painting yesterday. Or at least I think I did. It's still hanging in the studio so I might find an improvement or two to make. It's from a large and ongoing series called Road to Asotin.

Road to Asotin:

Last year I worked as the Field Director for Governor Gregoire's re-election campaign in Washington State. It was a remarkable experience: I saw stunning landscapes, worked for one of this country's most exceptional women, and got to know great people both on the campaign and in the communities we visited.

We traveled to the most beautiful corners of the state including my favorite area, the Palouse.

We spent two days traveling to Asotin County in August and my current series of work is based on that trip.


Dan said…
The road should to Asotin should include a stop at the saloon in Uniontown. Great beer, an old piano and home made chips. Great painting!
Dan said…
Great painting. All trips to Asotin should include a stop in Uniontown at the saloon.