Along the Ridge at Dusk

Along the Ridge at Dusk. ©2011 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 24"x36".
I finished this painting today at noon, after working on it nearly every day for about 3 months. For a time I was posting daily images of it on Facebook, which you can see here, and I wrote about it on my blog here and here.

After awhile I stopped posting the images daily for a few reasons. It seemed that the changes were too subtle to be really interesting and for most, they might be wondering why I was posting the same exact painting every day. And then at one point I needed to make corrections and lighten up and change an area and that makes the painting temporarily seriously ugly. I didn't want to alarm friends who might wonder why I was ruining my painting.

While this was in progress I went back to sketch Rattlesnake Mountain and when I was in the studio the next day, quickly added what I needed to make the mid-ground work for me.


Casey Klahn said…
I think you have captured the ridge very well. I especially like the direction and flow of the lines.

It is a must see in person painting, too. I imagine the layers are the exquisite part.
Fantastic! This one is a beauty Lisa.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Casey - I think it is an in person one. This was deeply influenced by all those close-up photos of Inness paintings that I've been taking and the readings I've done. According to his son - and this is visibly true in his paintings - he increasingly focused on his surfaces.

John - thanks!
Dan McShane said…
This painting is one of my favorites
Bruce Sherman said…
Hi Lisa!... I really enjoyed my first visit to your site!

Your current painting illustrates all of the thought and consideration(s) that you have been making on the piece. It is grand... and offers new insights at every new viewing.

I love your moonlight nocturne... and am a Remington fan for this genre as well. He was so much more than an illustrator... but as with your own fine work... one must always look... beyond the surface... on any matter... as we both do!

I'll be back... glad that I discovered your site!

Good Painting!
Warm regards,
Bruce Sherman
Lisa McShane said…
Hello Bruce - welcome and thank you! Very encouraging.