My Facebook experiment still in progress

In progress - Rattlesnake dusk.
This past few weeks I've been trying something out on Facebook: posting an image each day of the progress of a painting. I started with just the sketch and at the end of my day in the studio I pull out my camera and tripod and snap a shot.

You can join the crazy fun by clicking here and then 'liking' my page on Facebook.

As it turns out, it really doesn't influence my process. I don't paint differently because I take a photo each day. But I don't know that it's really all that interesting for those who follow me on Facebook. The nature of Facebook is that an image pops up randomly in their feed and they may see one every few days but without context unless they click on it.

At the end I think I'll take each image and put them together in a quick slideshow. What I'd like is a 'flipbook' or 'time lapse' approach to quickly see the changes take place. If you know what program will work to make that happen, please let me know.


jessica bonin said…
i did a gif animation with my campbell's soup can:

there are several free online programs, i used

the only problem is...i had to adjust all the snapshots in photoshop to get the photos to line up. it took forever!
Rachel Harvey said…
if you have Corel, it will do in a snap-- all you have to do is select the photos and tell it to create a video. you can also add music and many other features I've never used. you can view mine at .

nice paintings-- I love your big skies!