Road North

The Road North. © 2011 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen. 16" x 20".
My studio faces west toward the alley in an old Victorian era neighborhood in Bellingham, Washington. I'm about a mile from Bellingham Bay on a slight hill so I can see over the houses behind me. Northwest Washington tends to be cloudy and a day of solid blue is very rare. It tends to be breezy to windy here. When I ready about hurricane force winds elsewhere I think pffft - pansies - can't they take a breeze? That's just the same old, same old winter storm.

The enormous benefit of all of that to me is that I can just look up from my easel and out the glass wall of my studio to see clouds. I spend a lot of time looking at those clouds.


Dan McShane said…
They are zooming by looking out my window today.
Hanny said…
It has been pretty windy up here lately, hasn't it?
kat said…
It looks like your observations and practice is really paying off. I like this painting.
Wow, Lisa, this is so dynamic and full of energy! It's a prizewinner!