3 fine painters in my corner of the world

There are some wonderfully fine and kind painters up here in the NW corner of the US. All of us braving the months of drizzle for the long summer days.

David Ridgeway is new to the blogging world but definitely not new to painting. I had the opportunity to visit his home and studio on a bright snowy day in December. Click here to see his new blog and a post with a great painting of Orcas Island.

John Stinson paints NW Washington and the Palouse (yes! like I do!) but with a somewhat different approach. I love his work. The first time I saw one of his paintings it was of a field near Coupeville Washington. I'd tried (failed) to capture the same scene a few months prior. He'd really nailed it. Here's his blog.

And Kat Schneider. Lovely, lovely abstracts. Hilarious sense of humor. Here.


Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the kind words!
kat said…
Thanks, Lisa, for the kind mention in your blog. Thanks for showing me how a community works and I will work to contribute myself.