Thomas Moran at the Amon Carter

Thomas Moran,  Cliffs of the Green River, Amon Carter Museum,  Fort Worth Texas
First, thank you Amon Carter Museum for allowing people to take photos of the paintings in your permanent collection! Artists learn from studying artists and without the freedom to take a photo to look at later, again and again, it is difficult to study paintings.

For me it's important to look closely at the surfaces to see the hand of the artist. For instance, here are three closeups of the Moran painting. With the top photo I'm interested in his trees and the edges of the hill and sky.

Beautiful clouds here and nice darks. The warmth and dark values in the foreground are interesting to see.

But this closeup is what I'd wanted to really nail: the reflections in the water in the lower left of the painting. Thinly painted; very nice.


Hanny said…
Those are really good! They remind me of the places I used to visit when I was a kid.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Hanny - yes, those small museums are remarkable. When I visit them elsewhere I always end up wondering why we don't have those in the NW?