Perigee Moon

Perigee Moon. ©2011 Lisa McShane. Oil on Linen 20" x 12"

The day we had the super moon this March it was oddly clear in Bellingham. I picked up another artist, Donna Auer, well before dawn and we drove to Lake Samish to watch the moon set and the sun rise.

We chased the moon a bit as we struggled to find the right viewing spot what with trees and houses blocking our view. We stopped at one point on a dead end road and saw the moon high through the branches. Lovely. I've placed it lower but remember well how it looked.


B Lancton said…
Well done, Lisa! I was trying to imagine it a few weeks ago, but I didn't come anywhere close. It's one of my favorites.
powerful and dramatic Lisa !
Wow! This glows with the silvery moonlight. Subtle and mysterious and truly lovely.
Lisa McShane said…
Thanks Bea, John and Katherine! I'm submitting this to a museum show next week so the encouragement is much appreciated.